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At Internet.org, we’re turning bold ideas into practical solutions for a connected world.
Providing Access to Free Basic Services
Free Basics by Facebook provides free basic services in markets where internet access may be less affordable. It allows people to browse health, employment and local information websites without data charges. Free Basics is currently available in parts of Africa, Latin America and Asia, and will continue to expand to more countries around the world.Learn more.
Taking Connectivity to the Next Level
The Connectivity Lab at Facebook is developing ways to make affordable internet access possible in communities around the world. The team is exploring a variety of technologies, including high-altitude long-endurance planes, satellites and lasers.
Hear from Mark Zuckerberg on the challenges and opportunities of a new generation of connectivity platforms.Read the paper.
Internet.org Innovation Lab
An Ericsson-Facebook collaboration, the Innovation Lab was designed to help developers understand how their apps will work in different parts of the world. The lab’s elaborate test environment mimics a variety of network conditions, giving developers a way to ensure their apps will run even in very remote areas.
If you're a developer and want to use the lab, please go here to learn more and schedule time.